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Before submission

Before submitting the PhD thesis, an assessment committee must be appointed. The assessment committee must consist of three members, at associate professor, professor or senior researcher level:

  • Two external members - one from an international university and one from another Danish university
  • One member from SDU, who will be chair of the committee. He or she must have insight into the research area but must not have been otherwise involved in the PhD project

Members of the assessment committee may not have published with the main supervisor or any of the co-supervisors.

According to the Ministerial Order, the supervisors cannot be members of the examiners committee, but the main supervisor is affiliated to the committee as a nonvoting member.

Approximately 100 days before submission of the PhD thesis,  the PhD student and and the main supervisor will receive an invitation to complete an online pre-submission form, where an assessment committee can be suggested. A short summary of the thesis (maximum of 2 pages) must also be submitted.

The completed pre-submission form should be submitted to the Graduate School no later than two months before the submission of the PhD thesis.

You can find the guidelines for presubmission here.

All PhD theses must undergo an originality check before being submitted to the Graduate School.
The main supervisor is responsible for submitting the thesis for originality check by the University Library -
It can take up to 3 workdays to complete the originality check, and must be done before submitting the thesis.  

The originality check will generate one of three conclusions:

All is in order, please submit the thesis.

Concerns related to previously published text, or other issues. The thesis may be corrected and submitted for a new originality check or the supervisor can submit a written statement accounting for the concerns to the Graduate School. The statement must be approved by the Graduate School.

Suspected plagiarism. The main supervisor must contact the Graduate School for further processing of the case. The process may include contacting the Dean and, if relevant, forwarding the case to the University Committee on Practice.

The conclusion will be sent to the main supervisor within three workdays. The supervisor must then forward the conclusion to the PhD student. The conclusion must be included (as a pdf-file) when the thesis is submitted to the Graduate School. The Graduate School will forward the conclusion and any statement from the main supervisor to the assessment committee with the thesis.


Please note that only the final version of the thesis can be checked. Should the thesis generate a yellow conclusion, the PhD student may have ONE extra check.

Last Updated 06.04.2021