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After the defence

After the defence, The Graduate School issues the PhD diploma - in both Danish and English.
The diploma is signed by the Dean, and a statement from the Head of the Graduate School is enclosed. The diploma is sent out as soon as possible after the degree has been conferred by the Academic Council.

After the defence, one printed issue of the thesis must be send to the Graduate School at the following adress:

Ph.d.-skolen, SUND
J. B. Winsløws Vej 19, 3. sal
5000 Odense C.

The printed PhD thesis is made publicly available after the defence. One copy is given to the Gradate School – for forwarding to the SDU Library. The PhD thesis is the author's property and cannot be loaned or disseminated without the author's written consent. This can be given by the author on a 'Permussion to lend'-form that is sent to the SDU Library, along with the PhD thesis.

Last Updated 06.04.2021