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Study period abroad

As a PhD student you are expected to participate in active research environments, including research stays at other, primarily international, research institutions. However, it is not a requirement to engage in a stay at an international research institution, but it is highly encouraged. Please note that the Graduate School do not grant subsidies to courses and a study period abroad during the same period. It should be possible to plan your courses around your study period abroad.

A stay abroad is arranged between you and your main supervisor. Please remember to inform the Graduate School of the time period involved in the stay. Also, if you are under contract with The University of Southern Denmark during the time period, you will have to apply for a relocation of workplace. This is done by sending an e-mail to the head of department.

For insurance purposes, please make sure to contact the International Staff Office at SDU ( before leaving Denmark.

Apply for a grant

The Graduate School grants applicants full or partial support as follows: Travelling expenses to the host location and back with public transportation on standard class are covered, and a maximum amount for accommodation is granted up to DKK 7,500 per month (=DKK 250 per night) in no more than 6 months. Living expenses (daily transportation, food, telephone etc.) are not covered. All support is issued personally to the applicant and must be fully documented. 

You can apply by sending an e-mail with all of the below details to, with your main supervisor cc:

  • The PhD student (name and e-mail)
  • Department/section/centre
  • Main supervisor (name and e-mail)
  • Date of enrolment:
  • Destination (institution, city, state, country)
  • Invitation from the host at the destination (including name and possition of contact person) 
  • Stay period (start- and end date)
  • The purpose of the stay (possibly in appendix)
  • Budget (possibly in appendix)
  • Price estimat from CWT*
  • Applied amount(please leave room for a possible price increase)

Please remember to apply in due time before your planned departure. You will not get your expenses covered if you have not applied before your departure.

Please order any plane tickets, foreign train tickets, and hotel (if any) through CWT (
 Please note that you need to have a CWT-profile to be able to order. In order to get a profile, please contact your department, who also can help  you with any questions regarding CWT. 

Expenses other than those arranged through CWTmust be settled through the University's electronic travel expense system (zExpense). The Travel Office will then take care of the final reimbursement.

In case you need assistance with zExpense, please contact your department secretary or the Travel Office.

The settling of accounts has to be completed as soon as possible, no later than 8 days after your return.

Last Updated 18.06.2021