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Half-yearly reports

PhD students and their main supervisors are kindly asked to formally assess the progress of the PhD project on a regular basis.

Progress reports should be filled in and submitted to the Graduate School every half-year on set dates: 1 May and 1 November.
The reports must be filled in and submitted using an online tool provided by the Graduate School and following these four steps:

Step 1: The PhD student and his/her main supervisor will receive an invitation to use the progress report tool. The invitation includes an individual link that must be used to start the process. The Graduate School sends out progress report invitations in the beginning of March/October.

Step 2: The PhD student fills in the report with information about courses, knowledge dissemination activities, and research stays, and gives a brief statement regarding the overall progress of the project. The PhD candidate then forwards the progress report to the main supervisor.

Step 3: The main supervisor reviews the report and either a) sends it back to step 2 for reediting by the PhD student, or b) accepts the report and fills in a brief supervisor's statement. Then, the main supervisor submits the report to the Graduate School.

Step 4: The Graduate School  reviews and files the report. Once processed, the PhD student and the main supervisor are notified about the Graduate School's review of the progress report.


Last Updated 01.04.2019