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Guidelines for PhD defence

It is desirable that the academic act is conducted consistently and in compliance with a number of procedures that emphasizes the matter being an academic act that terminates a 3-year PhD programme.

The following procedures are encouraged:

The assessment committee should meet one hour before the act of defence begins to agree on certain details regarding the conduct of the act. The PhD student joins the meeting 30 minutes before the defence to meet the assessment committee. Meeting time and place is written in the invitation that has been sent by the PhD secretariat to the parties involved.

  • The act of defence will begin precisely at the mentioned time.
  • The assessment committee and the PhD student enter in the mentioned order with the chair of defence in front.
  • The chair of defence indicates that the audience stands up to show their respect for the academic act.
  • The chair of defence presents himself/herself, welcomes everybody and introduces the participants.

The Act of Defence consists of the following:

  • A lecture of 30-45 minutes, where the PhD student accounts for pivotal results in the PhD Thesis.
  • An examination of the PhD student by the two external members of the assessment committee (a maximum of 1 hour).
  • At the end, the chair of defence can allow the audience to ask the PhD student questions and assures that the act does not last longer than two hours.

When the act is completed, the assessment committee leaves the room to conclude the assessment and sign the faculty’s PhD protocol, if the act has proceeded satisfactory. The audience and the PhD student remain behind in the auditorium.

  • The assessment committee returns to the auditorium and the chair of defence announces the result of the voting
  • The chair of defence thanks the external adjudicators for their effort. The official part is now over
  • If necessary, the PhD student can thank the faculty and the adjudicators.

Last Updated 22.03.2019