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Submission of the PhD thesis

Thesis and attachments

You must submit your PhD thesis by e-mail to with the following five attachments (pdf):

  • A statement from your main supervisor describing the overall PhD course, including a short presentation of the role of any co-supervisors and a statement as to whether the student has satisfactorily complied with the degree programme. If needed, you have an opportunity within a two week deadline to make remarks to the statement.

  • Co-author declarations for all the included articles, scanned into one file – see Forms & Guidelines

  • Documentation from the University Library regarding completed originality check - see originality check
  • A description of the PhD programme that includes the following:
    A list of completed courses
    A description of your teaching and knowledge dissemination activities 
    A description of your contacts with other research environments during the PhD programme


Declaration of co-authorship

One of the mandatory documents that must be submitted with your PhD thesis is Declaration of Co-authorship.
 Here you must indicate the extend of your contribution to the articles in the thesis. 

You must include one declaration for each article or manuscript. All co-authors must sign the declaration, however, it is okay that there are several documents for the same article or manuscript, if it is not possible to get your co-authors to sign the same document. Please remember to sign all pages, and combine them in one pdf before submission. 

End of enrolment
Your enrolment as a PhD student ends when you submit your PhD thesis. This means that if you are not employed elsewhere, you will qualify for unemployment benefit from the date of submission.