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Assessment of the PhD thesis


After submission, the thesis is send to the assessment commitee, which is given 6 weekes to assess the thesis. 
The assessment concludes whether the PhD thesis complies with the requirements of the PhD Executive Order with regard to academic level, thereby, if the thesis is approved for defense. 

A detailed description of what the assessment contains can be found here.

The chair is responsible for gathering the assessment committees individual assessment, and write a complete assessment of the thesis.  The assessment must be presented to the main supervisor for comments before it is send to the Graduate School. However, the main supervisor should refrain from sharing the assessment with the PhD student.

When Committee Concerning Academic Theses (UvAA) receives the assessment, they will ensure that the assessment is coherent and meets the standard requirements.  

Once UvAA has approved the assessment, the student and main supervisor will be informed. The standard processing time is 1-2 weeks. 

Outcome of the assessment

The assement of the PhD thesis will have one of the following three conclusions:

The PhD thesis is recommended for public defence: the thesis is accepted in its current form. This means that the author may not make any changes to the thesis whatsoever.

The assessment committee recommends that the PhD thesis be revised before a public defence: the author will have at least three months to revise the thesis and the assessment committee will have four weeks to assess the revised thesis.

The PhD thesis should not be considered for public defence: the author will not be offered to resubmit the thesis.

Committee Concerning Academic Theses (UvAA)

The Committee Concerning Academic Theses (UvAA) is an advisory committee under the PhD committee that assists in securing quality and uniform level in connection with the conferral of PhD degrees, and in offering advice for the PhD committee concerning the appointment of assessment committees. The Dean appoints assessment committees upon recommendation by the scientific members of the PhD committee.