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Submission of the PhD thesis

Pre-submission of your PhD thesis

100 days before submission of your PhD thesis, you and your main supervisor will receive an invitation to complete an online pre-submission form. The online form must be submitted to the Graduate School with the purpose of appointing an assessment committee. You must also enclose a short summary of the thesis (maximum of 2 pages).

The completed pre-submission form should be submitted to the Graduate School no later than two months before the submission of the PhD thesis.In the event that you have not received an invitation 100 days before submission of your PhD thesis, please contact the Graduate School Secretariat.

Originality check

Starting 1 September 2018 all PhD theses must have completed an originality check/plagiarism check before being submitted to the Graduate School. Your main supervisor is responsible for submitting your thesis for the check prior to you submitting your thesis to the Graduate School. The check will be conducted by the University Library and can take up to 3 workdays to complete. For more information, please see: Originality Check


Submission of your PhD thesis

Your enrolment as a PhD student ends when you submit your PhD thesis. This means that if you are not employed elsewhere, you will qualify for unemployment benefit from the date of submission. You submit the PhD thesis in an e-mail to the Graduate School Secretariat stating the number of manuscripts/articles (published or submitted) that are included in the thesis and with the following five attachments:
  • The thesis including all manuscripts/articles

  • A statement from your main supervisor describing the overall PhD course, including a short presentation of the role of any co-supervisors and a statement as to whether the student has satisfactorily complied with the degree programme. If needed, you have an opportunity within a two week deadline to make remarks to the statement.

  • Co-author declarations for all the included articles, scanned into one file – see Forms & Guidelines

  • Documentation from the University Library regarding completed originality check - see originality check

  • A description of the PhD programme that includes the following:

  1.   A list of completed courses (please make sure that the Graduate School has registered all your courses - if you have attended PhD courses that are not offered by the Graduate School, we are not automatically informed, please send a copy of your course certificate to 

  2.  A description of your teaching and knowledge dissemination activities                   

  3.  A description of your contacts with other research environments during the PhD programme

Based on the information you send in this e-mail, the Head of the Graduate School will prepare a statement regarding the PhD student´s compliance with the PhD requirements.

The Graduate School will send the thesis and attachments to the assessment committee by e-mail.

Preliminary defence date

Please note! As soon as possible after the submission of your PhD thesis, your main supervisor is responsible for arranging a preliminary date for a public defence of the thesis and to inform the Graduate School Secretariat of this date.

In accordance with the PhD Executive Order, the defence must be held no later than three months after the submission of the PhD thesis. The timing should be agreed as soon as possible, as it can be difficult  to find a date within the time limit that suits all the involved parties.

If the PhD assessment committee recommends revision of the thesis, a new defence date will be arranged.

Last Updated 03.10.2019