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Auditorium in WP 25 for PhD defence

The Graduate School has the Auditorium in WP 25 at our disposal for PhD defences on Thursdays and Fridays from 1pm to 6pm.

In the Schedule below, you can see when the Auditorium is booked and thus available. I you want to book the Auditorium for your defence, please send a mail through this link: with your name, project title(in English) and precise time you need the Auditorium.

Please note that when you book the auditorium, a room (25.140) will automatically be booked from 1pm to 6pm - (we cannot book it earlier!), for the preliminary meeting and the Cafe area outside the Auditorium will be available for you to have a reception.


If the auditorium is already booked, or you need another room, please book through TimeEdit or contact