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Submitting a PhD thesis

As a PhD student, you must independently compile your PhD thesis and document your research skills by describing and discussing the theoretical, experimental and practical results that you have achieved during your PhD programme. The Faculty strongly encourages that you publish your PhD results in the international scientific literature.

The thesis is usually written in Danish or English, but must always include a summary in both Danish and English.

There are two types of theses:

  • Articles/manuscripts + overview. The tradition in most health science fields is to publish scientific results in internationally recognized journals. If your research project is in such a field, the thesis will include a number of manuscripts that have been or will be submitted for publication in scientific journals.
    The thesis will be made up of these manuscripts and an overview text that sets out the project's problem, the
    applied methodology (including reasons for the choice of method and validation of the method), the achieved results, a critical assessment of the results in relation to existing knowledge, and future aspects.
    The thesis will be reviewed by an assessment committee that is appointed by the Faculty. Note that it is not a requirement that the manuscripts are published as journal articles or have been written for peer-reviewed journals.
  • Monograph. In a few health science fields, there is no tradition for publishing research results as journal articles. If your research project is in such a field, the thesis will be written in the form of a monograph. You should indicate in the thesis how the monograph will be published as a scientific work in the usual international tradition.

More information about how to complete your PhD programme can be found in the menu on the top of the page.

Last Updated 21.05.2021