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Who does what in connection with PhD courses

The director of the graduate programme is responsible for:

  • Lay down a course program relevant to and within the financial boundaries of the Graduate Program  
  • Appoint course director(s) to PhD courses offered by the graduate program

The Graduate School is responsible for:

  • Announcing PhD courses on the Graduate School’s homepage and
  • Booking of rooms and catering (tea and coffee) for PhD courses 
  • Administering PhD course enrolment and registration
  • Creating a course domain on E-learn, enrolling all participants and instructors 
  • Provide a list participants for the course director(s)
  • Administration of online course evaluation
  • Issuing course certificates
  • Administering guest lecture fees and travel expenses 

The course director is responsible for:

  • Constructing the course program
  • Completing the course description form
  • Forwarding the course description and course program to the Graduate School
  • Contacting all lecturers involved in the course
  • Keeping up-to-date with the number of enrolled participants
  • Uploading course materials to E-learn  
  • Completing the attendance list and forwarding this to the Graduate School
  • Providing teachers with forms for payment of fees and reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Providing the Graduate School with a list of what teaching the teachers have performed.


Last Updated 22.03.2019