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Subsidy for PhD courses



During your enrolment, you can apply for subsidies for all open marked courses you are participating in. 

Find more information about open marked here.

Once during your enrolment, you can apply for a subsidy for a course outside of the open marked agreement. 
You can apply for up to 10,000 DKK to cover course fee, travel and/or accomodation. 

The subsidy can fully or partially cover expenses related to  cover course fee, public transporation to and from the course location and accomodation at the course location if needed.

Please be aware that we do not cover:

  • participation in conferences or symposiums
  • meals and daily allowance
  • transportation in own car

Subsidies can not be given retrospectively, and you can therefore not apply for a subsidy if the course is already has already started or has been completed. 

To apply for a subsidy, please send an application to The application must include:

  • Course title
  • Course description (as an attachment)
  • Course location
  • Dates
  • Budget for the expenses including course fee, transport and any accommodation (please leave room for a possible price increase)
  • Please order any plane tickets, foreign train tickets, and hotel (if any) through CWT (
    - Please note that you need to have a CWT-profile to be able to order. In order to get a profile, please contact your department, who also can help you with any questions regarding CWT. 

  • Please submit your application in due time. If the application is received later than one week before the course starts, we cannot guarantee that you can receive the subsidy.  

Even if your project is based outside of Denmark, you are still required to participate in the two mandatory PhD courses Introduction to health research and Responsible conduct of research.

If you conduct your project outside of Denmark for more than 6 consecutive months, you can apply for additional subsidy for participation in PhD courses.

For each 6 consecutive months you are located outside of Denmark, you can apply for a subsidy of up to 10,000 DKK to cover participation in PhD courses.

≥ 6 months   10,000 DKK
 ≥ 12 months  2*10,000 DKK
 ≥ 18 months  3*10,000 DKK

During your enrolment, you can apply for maximum 3*10,000 DKK to participate in courses, either open marked or other PhD courses. 

The subsidy can fully or partially cover expenses related to course fee, travel with public transportation between your project location and the course location and hotel accommodation.


Last Updated 15.05.2020