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How to do a scientific oral presentation

Content of the course:
The road to the perfect oral presentation is a never ending journey! To some the road might feel like climbing a mountain; uncomfortable and overwhelming. However, like mountain-climbing doing an oral presentation is all about technique. 

This is a 2 day course with both lectures, workshops and exercises with individual presentations to expand your comfort zone and improving your technique when giving oral presentations. 
Each participant will prepare a short oral presentation in English. The presentations will be improved throughout the course, with the help from peers as well as the course teachers: a professional and academic English teacher and a professional actor. 

By the end of this course you should; be more confident in doing oral presentations, be aware of your own weaknesses og strengths, have expanded your toolbox, and widened your comfort zone. 

A combination of lectures, workshops, practical exercises, and individual presentations. 

Course director:  
Professor Elsebeth Stenager

Venue: TBA

Course language: English

ECTS credits: 1,5

 Please note that all PhD students are welcome in this course - not only the ones within the "Neuro-field"

Last Updated 22.03.2019