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A day with neuroscientific experimental techniques

Content of the course:
In this ph.d. course, we will explore state-of-the-art neuro-physiological/psychological methods to be used in cross-disciplinary research contexts including clinical applications. The presentations of each of the four themes (see above) will cover a basic presentation of the technique, its applicability and potentially presentation of research studies employing the techniques. 
We aim to have four presentation spanning one full day, i.e. two lectures in the morning of max 90 min duration each. 
No specific knowledge of the experimental techniques is required. 

Presentation and workshops

Course programme

Course director:  
Professor Niels Bilenberg

Course Venue: 
The Auditorium, Psychiatric department, Odense University Hospital,  JB Winsløvs Vej 18, 5000 Odense C

Course language: English

ECTS credits: 0,7

Last Updated 26.02.2019