Summer school in neuroscience

Oral presentations in Neuroscience can easily get very complicated and difficult to understand.
At Summerschool in Neuroscience you will be able to practice and make your presentation vivid and interesting.
At Summer School in Neuroscience we encourage you to create a more animated oral presentation of your project . Therefore, we suggest you to use an animated software program such as Prezi or interactive programs as Socrative for the presentation, but you are also welcome to use your creativity and make use of an alternate presentations form.

In the workshop you will be able to present your research and you will have the opportunity to be inspired by others.

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ECTS credits: 1,8

Course language: Danish and English

Max number of participants: 30

Course fee:
Free of charge for PhD students from the Faculty of Health Science, University of Southern Denmark (SDU).
DKK 2400,- for PhD students from other Danish Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement". .
DKK 5594,- for other  participants.


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