Article Writing Retreat

Those who find it difficult to settle down and concentrate entirely on writing a manuscript for publication (or the thesis itself) can apply for participation at a one-week (Monday 9 a.m. till Friday 3 p.m.) writing retreat at Sandbjerg Gods in Sønderjylland.

The requirements for participating:
You are a PhD student within the area of health science at the University of Southern Denmark. You have defined your topic for one article in detail, analyzed and interpreted all your data for this topic, and you have participated at one of the article writing courses for PhDs provided at the University of Southern Denmark. Alternatively, you are working on the thesis, itself.  If you join this course, a 24 hr presence will be obligatory, throughout the entire period.

Resources provided:
You will be given a room (without television), a bed, a table and a chair and the tranquillity of a resting home. You will eat good food, be able to go for a run or a walk in the beautiful surroundings, work throughout the day or the night, and you will have access to assistance from experienced researchers.

There might be some formal discussions around dinner time to discuss specific problems/solutions that have transpired through the day.

The following people will be present (all time during the week or part of the time. They can be consulted when needed):
In alphabetic order:

Carol Bang-Christensen: English language is her speciality  ( Courses: English writing for researcher level I & II and Poster Presentation)

Per Hyltoft: will be there to support those who need help to describe properly their statistical methods and report correctly their statistical results. He will also be available to give ideas on how to design and create visual illustrations to your data. Figures, graphs and tables; he is very resourceful in this area.

Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde:  will help with structure, “flow” of the text and the logic of your arguments (Systematical Critical literature reading, Systematic Review, pre-PhD-course & How to write an article)

If you have special nutritional requirements (allergies and suchlike) this should be communicated at the time of application for participation.

(If your supervisor wants to come and work with you  some time during day time, that might be a good idea, but you must inform us of when and how, so we can provide food for extra persons.)

ECTS-credits: 4,5

Course fee:
The course is free for for PhD students enrolled at the faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark.
For PhD students, enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement" the course fee amounts to DKK 10,175.

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