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Register-based Clinical Epidemiology Research

Course description:

After completing the course the participants are expected to be able to
• describe existing Danish health registers and clinical databases
• predict which information can be obtained from which registers
• prepare well-structured analysis data sets for register studies
• design clinical studies using existing registers and using registers as follow up data on existing clinical data
• choose relevant clinical epidemiological methods for carrying out a register-based clinical study
• critically evaluate the validity and data quality of health registers

Intended learning outcome:

The participants are introduced to registers, clinical databases and register-based studies, clinical epidemiological methods within register-based research and how to design register-based studies. Furthermore, data management in relation to data control and the establishment of analysis data sets is discussed.

The focus is on practical applications of the concepts by practical exercises using Stata and working with the participants’ own ideas or projects. It is not a prerequisite that students have their own data before the course start. We provided fictive datasets for the exercises.
Course arrangement: A 3-week course with five full days in the first week with lectures and exercises. In the following week participants work with their own project and prepare a course report and hand it in by the end of the second week. The students will correct and comment on each other's course reports. Finally, each participant presents the report at a mandatory seminar day at the end of the third week and the students will be opponent to each other. Some workload should be expected between the first week and the seminar day.

Course leader:

Associate professor, PhD, MHS Katrine Hass Rubin, OPEN – Odense Patient data Explorative Network, SDU and OUH.

Course lecturers:

PhD Mette Bliddal, PHD Lonny Stokholm, PhD Sören Möller and, PhD Katrine Hass Rubin, OPEN – Odense Patient data Explorative Network, SDU and OUH. 

Course credit:

5,5 ECTS

Course fee:

The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement".
The course fee for other participants is DKK 6,311.82.

Last Updated 01.12.2020