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Experimental microsurgical techniques in the rat

Course description:

The idea behind the course is to give each course participant the possibility and the technical skills to perform experimental surgery on research animals, with the rat as our experimental model. The course will develop your technical skills and we start out on a microsurgical level, including ergonomy and microsurgical technique. We will work on dissection technique and vascular anastomosis, first on the femoral artery and then the vein. There will also be focus on abdominal surgery with emphasis on intestinal and oesophageal resection and anastomosis, as well as urology and cannulation of both carotic and femoral artery and vein as well as implantation of tubing into the urinary bladder. There will be possibility for training techniques free of choice, of procedures that each participant would like to train further.

Course leader:

 Professor Jens Ahm Sørensen.

ECTS credits:

 4 ECTS.


 Biomedical Laboratory, Winslowparken 23.

Course fee:

 The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement". For other participants there is a course fee of  fee DKK 8,236.


Please note that any cancellation of enrollment must be send to 4 weeks before course start!
The laboratory animals are ordered before the course starts, based on the number of participant. 

Last Updated 01.12.2020