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Literature search strategies

Course description:

The literature review provides both the foundation and the frame for your own research. The literature review:
  • Demonstrates that you know the field. 
  • Justifies the reason for your research.
  • Allows you to establish your theoretical framework and methodological focus. 

Its preparation requires careful planning and knowledge of various theories and methods underpinning literature searches.

The course focuses on which sources to search, how to plan the search process, how to design the search strategies. Furthermore, the course will address how to manage the references and how you document and report the search process. The course includes use of the medical bibliographic databases and reference management in EndNote.

The format of the course is a combination of lectures and practical exercises.

Intended learning outcome:

After the course the participants should:

  • be able  to develop and validate protocols for conducting literature searches
  • be able to select appropriate search strategies
  • be able to evaluate search strategies and search results
  • have the skills to handle bibliographic references in reference management software 



Course director:

Professor , Tove Faber

 Course fee: 

The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement" 
For all other participants the course fee is DKK 2,088.38

Last Updated 15.12.2020