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Laboratory Animal Science

This course in compulsory for investigators, students and other persons involved in animal experiments. The course complies to legal requirements for qualification of persons working with laboratory animals, according Danish law and European regulations. EU function ABD is a prerequisite for persons carry out animal experiments, including euthanasia, and persons responsible for designing projects (license holders).

This course gives participants basic knowledge of the application of animals in experimental medicine and biomedical research. This course is necessary for being able to perform and/or apply for a license for animal experiments in research projects.

Course content:
Handling of laboratory animal species, laboratory animal genetics, gene modified animals, health aspects, anesthesia, euthanasia, experimental procedures, surgery, post-operative care, legislation, bio-ethics, biology of laboratory animals, housing and care of laboratory animals, clinical observations, animal welfare, humane endpoints and the design of animal experiments.

Teaching methods:
Self-study via E-learn (35 hours), lectures (14 hours), exercises (10 hours), assignment (4 hours) and 
exam (2 hours)

Course director: Associate Professor, PhD Peter Bollen, Biomedical Laboratory.

Teachers: Staff at the Biomedical Laboratory, Associate Professors and Professorer at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Exam: The course is completed by a written exam.

ECTS credits: 6,5 ECTS.

Number of participants: A maximum of 24.

Venue: Biomedical Laboratory, Winslowparken 23.

NB! Participants must bring their own white laboratory coat with long sleeves.

Course fee: 
The course is free of charge for PhD students af the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark. 
The course fee (covering materials) for other PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement" is DKK 950,- 
External participants/non-PhD students must pay a fee of DKK 5456,-

Cancellation: Please note that any cancellation of enrollment must be send to 4 weeks before course start!
We are ordering the laboratory animals  exactly 2 weeks before course start and the number of ressources are calculated after number of participant. Therefore it is important that you kindly send us your cancellation at latest 4 weeks before course start!