How to write an article

Target audience: The course is aimed at PhD students with limited experience within academic article writing. 

Entry requirements: To be allowed to participate in this article writing course , you must have material for a research article. The minimum requirements for this course are: 1) you must know what to write about (exact study subject), 2) you must have decided on your study design and know how the study you will write about was or will be conducted. However, it is not necessary to have collected the data, as yet.

Course contents and approach: This course, which is developed by and run by Professor Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde in collaboration with Medical Writer Claire Gudex, will give you the recipe on how to structure a scientific article in the areas of health care science. This usually includes quantitative studies and systematic reviews.  The present course is not suitable for humanistic/qualitative type articles. It consists of a mixture of instructions, examples, individual work, and group work. At the end of the course you will have created the skeleton of your own manuscript, in which you will now "only" have to fill in your own words and facts.

 During the four days of this course you will therefore be working on one manuscript. It is not necessary to have collected the data to participate, but you must know which topic you are going to work on.

 In order to participate in this course, two conditions exist: 1. You must send in your objectives/research questions in advance at a given date and, without these, you will be excluded from the study and somebody else will be given your place. 2. You must be present from the first two days, after which a couple of hours absence for important reasons is possible, but if you do not fulfill the requirement of presence at the beginning, you will not be admitted into the course.

 The number of participants is limited, so please show the courtesy of informing us in good time if you have been accepted into the course but are unable to participate, so the place can be given to somebody else. 

Each step of the course depends on the preceding one, meaning that you cannot take parts of the course: it is all or nothing. In particular, do not even attempt to negotiate a late arrival on day one.

ECTS credits: The course carries 3 ECTS points and 80% attendance is necessary.

Course fee
The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement"
For other participants there is a course fee of DKK 5053,-

Before the course
One week before the course, please send word file consisting of the following information to be used in the first session to Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde (

Line 1: [Your name]

Lines 2 til max 6: A description of not more than 5 lines of the overall purpose/aim/goal this MANUSCRIPT (NOT of your entire PhD project, only the present manuscript!).

Thereafter, make a point by point list of each specific research objective/research question/hypothesis that you intend to work with in this manuscript. (Please note (again) that this information is not about your entire PhD project.)

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