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Systematic critical literature review


When you have participated in this course you will have learnt:

  • to differentiate various types of reviews
  • how systematic reviews are built up
  • the process of a systematic review
  • to judge the structure and contents of a systematic review

This one-day course consists of instructions, discussions, and examples from the literature. We shall put an emphasis on group work and you need to bring your PC or else work with somebody who brought his/her PC. It could also be a good idea to bring paper versions of systematic reviews that you have read or dealt with already. The course is useful if you want to learn how to read, understand and ‘judge’ a systematic review.

However, if you need coaching on how to perform a systematic review, you can apply for a place on the “Systematic Review for Publishing” 5 day course, which runs over several months and is sponsored by IRS/KI (contact the organizer Lene Ververs,

For those who have already taken this one-day course, it is suitable to continue on day two, in the longer course, as the first day is identical in the two programs. However, there are limited places in the five-day course, so do contact the organizer in good time.

A set of notes will be available on Blackboard for those who participate in the course. It is not sure that we shall follow these point by point, as the flow of the course depends also on the participants and their needs.

Welcome! I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

ECTS-credits: 0,7

Course director: Professor Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde

Course fee:
The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement".
For other participants there is a course fee of DKK 2329,-


Last Updated 12.08.2019