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How to write an abstract

Course description:

This one-day course consists of instructions in a workshop in which of examples from the literature will be discussed. You will first learn to define and recognize the elements of an abstract by analysing the work of others (good and bad), after which you will help others to structure an abstract and then… to structure your own. 
There is homework to do before the course, to be able to concentrate more on own abstract during the workshop.

The course consists of instructions, discussions, and examples from the literature that you will find yourself via Pubmed. There will also be individual work with assistance by the course leader.
Between 3 and 4 pm, those who need, are welcome to stay on for more individual assistance on how to 'tighten' the text to reduce the number of words at a maximum.

Intended learning outcome:

When you have participated in this course you will have learnt:

  • to select the abstract type for the journal to which you will submit
  • the key contents of an abstract
  • to review and improve other people's abstract
  • how to extract relevant information from an article for an abstract
  • what to include and ...what to exclude
  • to judge the structure and contents of an abstract (i.e. you can review work of others and help colleagues with their abstracts)

However, the ultimate outcome of this course is, of course, that you will have structured and perhaps written your own abstract.



Course director:

Professor Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde

Course fee:

The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement".
For other participants there is a course fee of DKK 2,364.30.



Last Updated 01.12.2020