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Introduktion til (immunologiske) teknikker i laboratoriet

The course is particularly for PhD students with a medical background and with limited knowledge of skills in the laboratory. It is the aim of the course to provide such skills to the students. It is a practical hand-on course, conducted together with the corresponding course for biomedicines (stud. scient, BMB514), and division into lab teams occurs across background (biomedical, medical, pharmaceutical).

Skills and techniques include – amongst others
Pipetting and dilutions

Cell counting


Western blotting

Sterile cell culture


Preparation of monoclonal antibodies

Flow cytometry


Protease activity assay

Cell Biological Assay

Protein and antibody purification



Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR, Biacore)

36 hands-on hours in the laboratory. In addition, some preparation and answering of qualifying quiz questions (about 12 hours), and subsequently drafting of a group report (about 8 hours).

The course is settled between November 13th and December 9th  (weeks 46-50). There are two weekly days with exercises (Mondays and Thursdays; or Wednesdays and Saturdays, both of 6 hours duration). In week 47 and 48 there is only one exercise day (Monday and Thursday).

Last Updated 22.03.2019