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Applied statistics in oncology

The Graduate Programme for Haematology & Oncology

Immunotherapy in cancer is a field in fast progress and with a lot of potentials. Within haematology treatment with monoclonal antibodies targeting the cancer cell has been in clinical use for several years. The new extended arena includes antibodies that target check-point inhibitors, cancer vaccines, cellular therapy, including CAR-T-cells.

The PhD course introduces the PhD-students to different aspects of doing research within this important and growing field. Which immunological mechanisms are in play – and how can they be affected. How to identify targets? How to establish monoclonal antibodies, cancer vaccines, CAR-T cells? How to set-up a project – and what are the pitfalls? How to perform clinical studies?

Special focus will be on the challenges in doing a PhD project in a foreign institution and on international collaboration.

Learning objectives:
A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

a. Knowledge of inherent and adapted immunological mechanisms

b. Knowledge of different immunological methods to target haematological cancer

c. Knowledge of different ways to perform pre-clinical projects and clinical studies in cancer immunotherapy.


Lectures by leading scientists

Lectures by PhD students with projects within the immunotherapy field

Interactive break-out sessions and oral presentations by PhD students about their projects

Moderated discussion sessions

ourse leaders:
Professor Niels Abildgaard, SDU, and Ass. Professor Henrik Frederiksen, SDU in collaboration with the Danish Haematological Research Educational Network (Dansk Hæmatologisk Forskerskole Netværk)

English or Danish according to course attendants

Course location:
Hindsgavl, Middelfart. The course is held in connection with the Annual meeting in the Danish society of Hematology, which is at the same location. 

Course fee:  
The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled at The Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Southern Denmark.

For PhD students enrolled in other Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement" the course fee covers course materials, accommodation and food which amounts to DKK 4600,-
For other participants the course fee is DKK 10775,-

Last Updated 26.02.2019