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Patient and public involvement in research

The Graduate Programme Health Sciences

Aim and content: 
Patient and public involvement in health research (PPI) has developed over the latest approximately 20 years. PPI first came into research in the UK and North America but is now quickly developing as part of research worldwide. PPI has been placed in mandatory roles in research, e.g. journals ask for considerations on PPI in submitted manuscripts and funds ask for PPI in the planning and conduct of research projects. In 2017, the Danish research policy publication by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science ’FORSK2025’ stated that ”En væsentlig vej til at opnå samfundsmæssig værdiskabelse er gennem forskningssamarbejder, hvor faggrænser krydses, og brugerne inddrages”. The course will be based on the latest international developments and place PPI in the conduct of health research in Denmark The participants will build up an understanding of how, when and why Patient Involvement in research should be part of the way research projects are planned and reported. The course will have sessions of hands on on how to conduct PPI.

The aim of this course is to introduce the concept of PPI and take an analytical and critical view on the processes and potential outcomes of PPI. The course will focus on the various kinds of barriers that the researcher meets when she/he decides to involve patient representatives in research projects. There will be a special focus on the role of researchers, on the role of patient representatives and the interaction of patients and researchers that constitutes PPI.

Lectures, discussions, group work, exercise on planning of PPI in a project.

Literature will be distributed by Blackboard, the platform for e-learning at University of Southern Denmark. Participants will be informed via e-mail when the information can be accessed.

Course leader:  Professor Mogens Hørder.

The course is planned in collaboration between SDU og AU (Kirsten Lomborg)

Louise Locock, Professor, University of Aberdeen
Mogens Hørder, Professor, University of Southern Denmark
Marianne Sandvei, Consultant, Research Unit of User Perspectives, University of Southern Denmark
and more.......

Participants: max 22 participants

ETCS credits: 2,8

Course fee:
For PhD students enrolled in the Faculty of Health Sciences at SDU, as well as employees at the Faculty of Health sciences at the University of Southern Denmark the course is free of charge.
For PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement" the course fee is DKK 1220,
For other participants there is a course fee of DKK: 5315,-, -

Last Updated 26.02.2019