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360 degrees of ethics in human and social studies in health

 Content and aim:
The aim of the course is to qualify PhD-students working with methods based in qualitative research traditions to reflect on ethical issues related to research in general and to their own research practices in particular. Emphasis is placed on the identification of ethical issues, dilemmas, and concerns, on the analysis and discussion of possible strategies by which to tackle ethical challenges, and on responsible dissemination of research findings.

Participants will be qualified to theorize about and manage ethical aspects of their own research. 

In order to be able to direct attention to the particular ethical challenges experienced by participants, suggestions for themes to be covered during the course can be forwarded to Helle Johannessen ( no later than August 31.

The course employs lectures, group discussions and hands-on exercises.  

 Course director:
Helle Johannessen

ECTS credits: 1,5

Course fee:
The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement".
For other participants there is a course fee of DKK 5099,-

Last Updated 26.02.2019