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Module 4

Module 4: Publication, authorship, and peer reviewing

Learning objectives

In this module, you’ll become aware and knowledgeable about the key elements of scholarly publishing, authoring and authorship, including:

  • Authoring (sharing of authorships, Vancouver guidelines)
  • Publication strategy (choosing the journal, high/low impact, avoiding predatory journals)
  • The business of academic publishing and the Open Access/Open Science movement
  • Getting cited (H-index, Altmetrics, marketing research through mass media)
  • Peer review (doing and receiving)

An introduction to key elements in scholarship understood as the practice whereby you and your fellow scholars produce and disseminate professional academic knowledge to advance the science of your discipline. This entails – apart from research integrity and ethics - also disciplinary learnedness and authorship, i.e. the procurement, assessment and knowledge of scholarly information and information resources; the dissemination, quality control and authoring involved in scholarly communication; and contributing to the canonical knowledge base through research documentation.

Class-room teaching with lectures and group discussions (3 hours).

Homework: Development of publication strategy (max. 2 pages) and registration of ORCID.

Online/Class attendance and submission of publication strategy, incl. ORCID number. See separate instructions on Blackboard (Module 4).

Course materials
Lecturer’s presentation with suggestions to further reading.

Template for publication strategy.

Course leader/teachers

Charlotte Wien