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Module 3

Module 3: Research Data Management

This module is a basic introduction.

If you need more advanced data management skills, please consider to also sign up for one of the more extended PhD courses, offered by OPEN.

Learning objectives

  • Knowledge about rules and standards for data sampling, analysis and management

  • Understanding how to comply with those rules and standards

  • Enable you to reflect upon and critique the data management of your project and those of other researchers


  • Guidelines
  • Research data management
  • The research data lifecycle
  • Storing and sharing data

Online/Classroom teaching, comprising lecture along with group discussions and guided writing (3 hours).

Homework: Development of data management/documentation plan for your own project (max. 3 pages; after the module).

Course materials
You will find a guide to the study material (links, texts, and lectures) in the Module 3 folder on Blackboard.

Class attendance and submission of data management/documentation plan. As well, you are expected to participate actively in classroom discussions.

Module leader/teachers
Daniella Bayle Deutz