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Module 2

Module 2: Laws and regulations

Learning objectives
In this module you will be introduced to principles, laws and regulations enabling you to conduct research in a responsible way and according to the possibilities of the profession of scholarship, as practiced at SDU.


  • Data protection
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Notification of research projects
  • Research & copyright
  • Research data & property rights
  • Plagiarism, source references and good citation practice
  • Declarations of authorship
  • Teaching & copyright

Online/Classroom lecture: Data Protection and GDPR Rules (1 hour).

E-learning module on copyright, property rights and plagiarism (2 hours).

Course materials
Relevant material available online, in the e-learning module.

Compilation of links made available to course participants prior to the course.

Class attendance and completion of the e-learning module “What’s law got to do with it”.

Module leader/teachers

Lars Engelstoft (lecture)
Kirstin Remvig (e-learning module)