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Bio Statistics I

Bio Statistics I

Aim: This course enables biomedical students to identify basic statistical problems in medical research and to carry out appropriate statistical analyses. The student gets hands-on experience in using a statistical package, which is mandatory when doing practical statistical analyses.

Contents: The student is introduced to basic statistical techniques applied to biological and medical examples. Topics covered are: Descriptive statistics, data types, statistical distributions, comparison of two samples by parametric and nonparametric methods, paired observations, simple analysis of contingency tables, linear and multiple regression, analysis of variance and logistic regression. The statistical package Stata is used for analysis of real medical and health related examples. You can also use the statistical computing environment R, but at the moment we do not provide exercise solutions in R.

Course arrangements: 4 full days during one semester with an additional exercise day. The exercises in the afternoon of the first day give a short introduction to Stata. We offer  a two-day in Stata about a month before this course. You may take this instead of the introductory exercise.  The course closes with a written exam, where you answer in a small report some statistical analysis tasks.  You have about week to work on this report. The report is evaluated as passed/not-passed. If passed, you receive a course certificate.

Course credits: 5 ECTS.

Teaching arrangements: Lectures, seminars, exercises including use of computers. The typical arrangement is lectures for the first half of the day and individual coursework with exercises the second half.

Course leader
: Associate professor Ulrich Halekoh, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Biodemography.

:  Students should bring their own laptop and get the book: Kirkwood and Sterne. Essential medical statistics. Second edition.

: Mainly Winsløwparken, University of Southern Denmark

Course material

  • STATA. PhD-students enrolled at Graduate School of Health Sciences can download STATA software for free from E-learn. Please contact SDU IT-Services. SDU can not provide the software for course participants not enrolled at Graduate School of Health Science. Software license is not included in the course fee for course participants not enrolled at Graduate School of Health Sciences.
  • Rabe-Hesketh and Everitt. A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using Stata, 4th Edition

Course fee:
The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement"
For all other participants the course fee is DKK 3173,-

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Last Updated 19.11.2020