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SUND Summer School: Mixed Methods, Career Pathways, and Research Communication

Course content:

The Summer School is a 3-day course that will help you understand your role and possibilities as a PhD Student and in your future life as PhD. The course combines lectures, workshops and time for social interaction in exploring 3 themes: Mixed Methods, Carrier Pathways, and Research Communication.

Mixed methods will discuss the strength and short-comings of qualitative and quantitative methods and introduce how these methods come together in a mixed method approach. You will learn from examples and have the possibility to reflect on ways that mixed methods might strengthen your field of research.

Career Pathways will remind you that life goes on after your PhD defence and make you think about planning your career pathway. You will meet people who use their PhDs from IOB in very different positions outside SDU and you will work with your plan for the future.

Research communication is about explaining your work to people who are not familiar with your field. It is about telling a clear story, working with journalists and being prepared for your role as an expert in media. All of it with practical exercises.


Participants will be familiar with mixed methods and understand how they might have a role in mixed methods projects. They will reflect on and start planning their career pathway post-PhD, and they will have skills in communicating their research to a non-scientific audience.

Course director: 

Associate Professor Joachim Nielsen


Svanninge Bjerge Forskningsstation, Odensevej 160A, 5600 Fåborg


5.-7. September 2022


 Course fee:

The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled at the Faculty of Health Sciences at SDU.  For PhD students from other Danish Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement" the course fee is DKK 1020,-.
The course fee is DKK 5664,99,- for other  participants.  


Last Updated 14.10.2021