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Phenomenology and Qualitative Research Methodologies

Content and aim:
This PhD course addresses PhD- students, who work with or intend to include phenomenology and phenomenological related discussions in their research of sports, dance or health related topics. The course will focus on methodological questions and possible solutions on how to combine qualitative methodologies with phenomenology – more specifically: 

  • What is a phenomenological analysis?
  • How to generate ‘good’ descriptions for a phenomenological analysis?
  • How to combine phenomenology and qualitative research in different phases of the analysis – different examples of how this is done will be presented.
  • Epistemological challenges of combining two research traditions
  • Philosophical phenomenological analysis and psychological phenomenological analysis – whats the differences?
  • Examples on current phenomenological research
  • Group discussions on participants’ projects:how to handle methodological challenges as related to phenomenological thinking in ‘my own project’

Lectures and group discussions. Besides selected articles, the PhD students will also be asked to read introductions to phenomenology ahead of the course -as well as to prepare a short text where they specify their interest in phenomenology in relation to their own research. They will be asked to upload the text one week before the course.
The course runs over three days. The third day is focused on exercises in performing phenomenological analysis of data which the student has already generated (observation and interviews). further information on this will follow on Blackboard in good time before the course starts. 

Literature: Literature will be provided via Blackboard

Course coordinator: Susanne Ravn, Associate Professor, Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark.

Invited teachers/researchers:
Professor Dan Zahavi, Copenhagen University and Oxford University
Professor Nick Crossley, University of Manchester
Post.doc Simon Høffding, University of Oslo
Post.doc Line Ryberg Ingerslev
Susanne Ravn, University of Southern Denmark.

ECTS credits: 3.0

Language: English  

Course Fee: The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement". For other participants there is a course fee of DKK 4,362.

Last Updated 03.10.2019