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Muscle metabolism and E-C coupling – role in exercise, training and disease

Course description

The course program covers aspects related to regulation of muscle function at rest and during exercise, with emphasis on metabolic effects on excitation contraction (E-C) coupling. The course focuses on the integrated physiology responses to exercise and covers concepts and methods from the molecular level to organ systems and whole body levels, including diet, in healthy individuals, elite athletes and clinical populations.

The main theme is the application of state-of-the-art methods validating ion homeostasis and E-C coupling to specific evaluation of muscle function. The aim is to encourage the translation of knowledge gained in basic sciences to applied muscle function.



  • Methods in the study of muscle function and exercise performance
  • Ca2+ regulation in muscle fatigue
  • Fuel for the required work
  • Role of glycogen in E-C coupling function
  • Insights into muscle lipid droplet metabolism – from exercise to disease
  • Regulation and measures of mitochondrial function – from cell to athlete
  • Limiting factors for aerobic performance
  • Ion regulation in fatigue and muscle function

Expected learning outcomes 

The aim is to encourage the translation of knowledge gained in basic sciences to applied muscle function and diet and to foster student research networks. Further participants will gain hands on experience and discussions of state-of-the-art methods evaluating muscle function and biomarkers of E-C coupling characteristics by experts in the field.


Teaching methods

The course will be a combination of faculty lectures, discussion groups, and practical work/demonstration exercises in lab and various informal faculty-student interactions, providing diverse learning modules for the students. An important aspect of this course is the opportunity for students to interact with leaders in the field in one-on-one and small group settings.


Course type: Daytime-course


Duration: 5 days


Course period: October 2021


Course points: 3,8 ECTS


Venue: SDU, Odense


Price: The course is free of charge for PhD students enrolled at the Faculty of Health Sciences at SDU. For PhD students enrolled at other Universities that have joined the "Open market agreement" the course fee is DKK 1150,-. The course fee for other participants is DKK 7085,42,-.

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