Introduction to questionnaire research (clinimetrics – part 1)

Course description:
Clinimetrics is the science of determining the quality of measurement instruments. Health measurement instruments are used to assess outcomes (e.g. to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions), to diagnose, or to make a prognosis. Approaches to measurement vary widely, from physical examinations to laboratory tests, from imaging techniques to self-report questionnaires. Health researchers look for the best instruments for their research or, if none are available, develop new ones.

Clinimetrics deals with (1) developing methods to evaluate the properties of health measurement instruments and (2) applying those methods to develop new, or evaluate existing, health measurement instruments.

After attending the course, you will be familiar with the most important measurement properties of instruments and with the appropriate methods for assessing them. You will also be able to choose the measurement instrument that best fits your own research and, if necessary, to develop a new one.

Course credits:
2,4 ECTS

The course is taught in English

Course director:
Associate professor Henrik Hein Lauridsen

Course fee:

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