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Hypertension and target organ damage - how to do

The course is offered by The Graduate Programme for Heart, Kidney & Circulation

The course supplies the participants with a short theoretical introduction to actual and future goals for sub-clinical cardiovascular organ damage in hypertension supplemented with practical demonstrations/"hands on" by chosen methods of measurement.

At registration 2 months before the course starts, the participants should submit the following:

1) A short description of the PhD project.
2) An outline of whether a goal for sub-clinical cardiovascular organ damage is employed and if so, which?
3) Which 2 methods of measurement a demonstration is especially needed.

The above ensures the best possible planning.

Number of participants: Max. 30

Date: 21. - 22. november 2011


Venue: Winsløwparken, Odense

Course fee: TBA

Deadline for application: 20 September 2012 

Last Updated 26.02.2018