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PhD courses

As a PhD student, you must obtain 30 ECTS during your enrolment.

The graduate programmes at the Faculty of Health Sciences offer a range of graduate courses at the highest international level. Some courses are broad and provide skills that will be useful both within and outside the individual student's particular area of research. Other courses are highly specialized and focus on specific aspects of research (e.g. methodology).

Below, you can find more information.

Here you can find an overview of the courses offered by the Graduate School.

Seats on each course are assigned on a "first come, first served" basis. 
If you cannot find a course in the menu, the course and the waiting list is already fully booked. 

The application deadline is 14 days before the start of the course, unless otherwise is stated in the course description.

The Graduate School offers two mandatory courses, which preferebly should be completed within the first year of study:


According to theagreement between the Danish universities concerning Open Market to PhD Courses (in Danish), PhD students enrolled at a Danish university, have free access to PhD courses hosted by other Danish universities.

You can find an overview of the PhD courses which are a part of the Open Marked agreement here

Please note that courses you take at other universities are not automatically registered, so you will need to send us your course certificate to obtain credits for the course.

To obtain ECTS credits for non-PhD courses, it is essential:

  • that the course is relevant to the PhD project
  • the course is on par with a PhD course
  • OR the course is on par with a Masters course AND a similar course is not offered by Graduate School or other PhD Schools in Denmark AND  that the course is crucial for the completion of the project
  • the certificate must include the number of course lessons or a precise specification of ECTS credits given by the course provider
  • the course cannot be a part of the medical specialist training (Main training or the like)
  • the course should not have been completed more than 3 years ago
  • the final decision on credits will be based on the above requirements and a specific assessment by the Graduate School

When applying for credits for non-PhD courses, you must enclose:

  • a course description and programme as an attachment
  • the number of hours and amount of ECTS credits given by the course provider
  • a specification of the course level (PhD or Master)

Please contact the course provider, if you are missing some of the above information and enclose it to your application.

Participation in international congresses and symposia, where you give an oral presentation or present a poster, may be approved as a course element with 2 ECTS points (maximum 6 ECTS credits in total).
To apply for credits, please send documentation on participation to the Graduate School.

It is possible to apply for credits for PhD courses that have been completed up to three years prior to enrolment as a PhD student.   

The Graduate Schools of Health Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and the SDU have agreed on a common policy for calculating and allocating ECTS credits for PhD courses. 

Calculation of ECTS credits
  • 1 ECTS credit equals 25 work hours; in reality, we use the rule of 10:1, which means that 1 course lesson (=1 hour) gives 0.1 ECTS credits, assuming a preparation factor of 1.5
  • The ECTS calculation includes scheduled lessons, obligatory home assignments and exams
  • ECTS credits for Summer Schools are calculated in the same way as for the PhD courses 
Recognition of ECTS credits
  • When you participate in PhD courses offered by other Danish universities, foreign universities or comparable institutions, the number of ECTS credits is determined by that institution
  • For other courses, the Graduate School calculates the ECTS credits according to the calculation above 

Example 1:
A traditional "attendance course" with lectures, practical exercises and workshops begins at 9am and ends at 5pm on the same day - 8 course lessons including breaks = 0.8 ECTS credits 

Example 2:
A course that includes an introductory day (9am-3pm), an obligatory home assignment (estimated at 10 hours) and a final day with presentations and discussions (9am-1pm):

Introductory day = 6 hours including breaks = 0.6 ECTS
Home assignment = 10 hours = 1.0 ECTS 
Final day = 4 hours including breaks = 0.4 ECTS

In total for participating in the course = 2.0 ECTS credits

Example 3:
A course consisting of 4 days of attendance (9am-4pm) and a 4-hour written exam followed by 1 hours of rounding-off:

Attendance days = 4x7 hours including breaks = 28 hours = 2.8 ECTS
Final day = 5 hours = 0.5 ECTS

In total for participating in the course = 3.3 ECTS credits

If you have a suggestion for a new course, please contact the relevant graduate programme. You the Graduate School , who will then send the proposal on to the relevant graduate programme.

Last Updated 21.05.2021