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Getting started

Before you can be enrolled as a PhD student, you need to have your qualifications, proposed research project and financing in place.

Criteria for enrolling as a PhD student

To be enrolled as a PhD student, you must hold a master's degree (Danish: Kandidatgrad) or equivalent academic degree. You also need to have documented research experience. Read more

Finding a supervisor

Your project proposal must be made in collaboration with a supervisor who is willing to guide you through your PhD project.  Your supervisor must be a senior researcher at the Faculty of Health Sciences, SDU (ass. professor or professor).
You may also have one or more co-supervisors.

The student and the main supervisor must not be related, e.g. family or in a relationship.

Please note that you need an agreement with a main supervisor before you can apply - the Graduate School cannot help with this.

A project description that can be approved by the Graduate School

Your application for enrolment must be accompanied by a description of the research project that will form the basis of your PhD. The project description should be written in close collaboration with the senior researcher who has agreed to be your main supervisor during your PhD study period. Your project proposal will go through a review process with participation of an external expert panel. Read more


You do not need to have all the financing of your PhD project in place before you apply for enrolment. However, the financing must be in place before you can enrol in the programme. You need funds for your own salary, for the project's running costs and for the tuition fees. Provided that you have already secured financing for two years' salary and tuition fees, and 50% of the running costs, you can apply for a one-year faculty scholarship including tuition fees. Read more

Last Updated 07.07.2021