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Purpose & Focus

The Graduate Programme covers all areas of clinical research from the epidemiological analysis over translational studies containing an assessment of bio chemical, genetical and immuno-histochemical factors to the clinically randomised study and is thus very relevant for all projects that are related to the description of disease, diagnostics, treatment or prognosis.

The leading element is the communication of fundamental scientific expertise to researchers in clinically based projects.

The main tasks of the research program are:

- To ensure the presence of a regional appropriate graduate programme within the research area of clinical research. The regional programme should be coordinated nationally to secure a broad range of courses on a national basis.

- To provide contact between the PhD students associated with the graduate programme and a highly qualified tutor group.

- To promote networking among PhD students associated with the graduate programme and establish contact with international research networks.

- To attract funding for co-financed PhD programmes.

- To cooperate with the Faculty of Health sciences to provide as good conditions as possible for the PhD students associated with the graduate programme.

Last Updated 22.03.2019