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The Graduate Programme for Physical Activity and Musculoskeletal Health is organised as an open offer of activities within the field of the graduate programme. The activities are open for all PhD students enrolled at Danish and Foreign universities. Students enrolled at other universities than the University of Southern Denmark pay course fees in accordance with the standard agreement between the relevant universities.

In addition, our activities are open, free of charge, to other employees at the University of Southern Denmark.

Find our courses in the overview of all offered PhD courses and apply here.

Simultaneously, the courses function as a meeting place for supervisors and researchers within the fields of physical activity & musculoskeletal health. Therefore the courses are available for everyone in this field. Other persons interested can participate after agreement with one of the programme directors. We constantly establish new courses - If you have an idea for a new course, please send an email from the main page.

If you wish to have an affiliation to the Graduate Programme for Physical Activity and Musculoskeletal Health, you should state it in your application to be enrolled as a PhD student. 

The courses we offer are especially relevant for the PhD students who are affiliated with this graduate programme, but it is important to stress that you are very welcome to attend the courses if you are affiliated with another graduate programme and find the courses interesting - the courses are open to all PhD students.



Last Updated 22.03.2019