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Graduate programmes

The Faculty of Health Sciences has 8 graduate programmes. Their main task is to offer highly specialized PhD courses and seminars within each programme’s specific research area.


The steering committee of each graduate programme consists of a small group of supervisors and PhD students. The steering committee decides the programme’s profile and activities, including but not limited to the PhD courses held under the auspices of the programme. PhD students and supervisors who would like to have an influence on the range of courses and activities offered by a graduate programme should contact the steering committee or apply for membership of the committee.

PhD students’ affiliation with graduate programmes

Every PhD student should be affiliated with one of the graduate programmes of the Faculty of Health Sciences. The PhD student chooses this affiliation when applying for enrolment as a PhD student.

Please note, however, that as a PhD student at the Faculty of Health Sciences you have access to all the PhD courses offered by the Faculty’s graduate programmes, regardless of your own graduate programme affiliation.

Heads of Graduate Programmes at the Faculty of Health Sciences are:

Clinical Research
Peter B. Licht
Professor, Head of Research Unit, Clinical Professor Thorax Surgery

Christian B. Laursen
Clinical Associate Professor, PhD Lung Medicine

Diabetes and Metabolism
Dorte Møller Jensen
Clinical associate professor, consultant  Department of Endocrinology (M) Institute of Clinical Research, OUH

 Haematology & Oncology 
Rikke Hedegaard Dahlrot
MD, PhD Department of Oncology, OUH

Heart, Kidney and Circulation 
Michael Hecht Olsen
Professor, Department of Endocrinology Institute of Clinical Research, OUH

Immunology, Allergology, Micro Biology & Disease
Søren Hansen
Associate professor, PhD,  Department of Cancer and Inflammation Research

Elsebeth Stenager
Clinical director, Clinical associate professor,  Department of Psychiatry, (University function), OUH

Physical Activity and Musculoskeletal Health
Jonas Bloch Thorlund
Professor,  PhD , Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics

Anders Holsgaard Larsen 
Associate professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, OUH

Public Health 
Kirubakaran Balasubramaniam 
Associate Professor, Forskningsenheden for Almen Praksis 

Last Updated 15.11.2020