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Faculty scholarship

4 times a year, you can apply for a scholarship from the Faculty of Health Sciences.
A Faculty scholarship is equivalent to one year's salary and one year's tuition fees.

The Dean of the Faculty decides the allocation of the scholarships on the basis of recommendations from a scholarship committee that consists of the heads of the Faculty’s eight departments.
All applicants will receive a reply by the end of the month in which they apply. 

Application requirements

To apply for a Faculty scholarship: 

  • you need documentation for the secured financing of two years’ salary, two years’ tuition fees and a minimum of 50% of the running costs
  • the student and the project must have been approved by the Graduate School

Please be aware that you cannot apply for a scholarship if you are already enrolled as a PhD student. 

How to apply

To apply for the 1-year Faculty scholarship, please follow the instructions in the application form.

Scholarship placement

The Faculty scholarship must be used to finance the 1 year of the PhD.
If economic considerations makes this impossible, please contact the Graduate School.

The approval of your application for a Faculty scholarship is valid for one year. If you have not commenced your PhD study period within one year from the date of the approval of your application for a scholarship, the approval will be withdrawn without further notice. Note that you can reapply if this happens.

Deadlines 2021

  • 1 March
  • 1 June
  • 1 September 
  • 1 December

Last Updated 06.04.2021