Below, you can find information on how to finance your PhD.


How to finance your phd

Faculty scholarship

A faculty scholarship consists of one year's salary and one year's study fee. 

You can apply for a faculty scholarship when your project has been approved by the Graduate School. 

Please see more here.

Full funding for all three years

If you have full financing for all three years, you can be enrolled.

When sending the enrolment form to the Graduate School, you must include documentation that you are fully financed. This means that you need to have signed documents stating that three years of salary, three years of tuition fees, and at least 50 % of your working/running expenses are secured.

Funding for less than three years

If you wish to be enrolled before you have achieved full funding of your PhD project, you can do so when you have financing for at least 2 years, and a signed deficit guarantee for the last year.

Private funding

It is not possible to be enrolled without guaranteed funding for all thee years.

Funding of maternity leave and sick leave

Your enrolment can be extended if you take maternity/paternity leave during your enrolment. 
If you are employed at SDU, the extension will be paid by the source of finance who is paying when you start your leave.

Your enrolment can also be extended in case of long term sickness (more than 30 days). 
If you are employed at SDU, your main supervisor and Head of Department at SDU, must agree on how to finance the extension. 

If you are employed elsewhere, please contact your place of employment for more information. 

Study fee

For students enrolled 1 January 2019 and hereafter, the study fee is DKK 62,500 per year, in total DKK 187,500.

No exemptions for payment of tuition fees can be granted, but if you receive a faculty scholarship, it covers the study fee for one year.

Running costs

There is no general estimate as to the size of running costs, but it may be a sizable amount within the medical, biomedical and biotechnological areas, where a project may involve payment to patients or test subjects, procurement and housing of laboratory animals, use of reagents and laboratory apparatus, help from technicians etc.

Your main supervisor or the research environment should help you to procure the necessary equipment for your project.

Southern Denmark Research Support

Southern Denmark Research Support provides support and advice for researchers wishing to find and apply for external research funds, as well as financing of PhD projects.

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