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Types of PhD programmes

A PhD programme consists of three years of full-time study and is equivalent to 180 ECTS.
The three years of enrolment does not include assessment and defence of the thesis or awarding of the PhD degree.

If you have worked on your PhD project prior to your enrolment, you can apply for credit transfer. Find more information  in the section Enrolment prodecure.

The Industrial PhD Programme is a co-operation between the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, a private company or the public sector, an Industrial PhD student and a university.

The admission requirement is a completed master's degree with a grade average of at least 9 on the 13-point scale and 8.2 on the 12-point scale for the overall study programme (bachelor + graduate programme).

As a PhD student you will be employed and paid by the company, which must be assessed as being able to finance your education over three years and to provide a professional environment that can support your PhD project. Your project must have a business-oriented focus.

You apply for the approval of an Industrial PhD project to the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation using a special application form. The project must be approved by both the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Faculty before you can be enrolled. Further information on supervision and application forms can be found at The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.

Note that at the same time, you need to send the ordinary application form for enrolment into the PhD programme to the Faculty.

Contributions from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation are awarded as follows:

  • The company receives a contribution to the PhD student's salary (at present DKK 14,500 per month). The company is responsible for all the project’s running costs.
  • For each Industrial PhD student, the host universityreceives a total of DKK 360,000 for experimental study programmes and DKK 252,000 for non-experimental study programmes. These amounts cover supervision, work facilities, courses and assessment of the thesis. The tuition fees are taken from this amount.

The Faculty can provide the following support:

  • The sum of DKK 45,000 or DKK 30,000 for experimental or non-experimental research projects, respectively, to the research unit you are connected to. This money is mainly intended for securing your work facilities.
  • A non-earmarked yearly payment of DKK 12,500 paid through your department.

An integrated PhD programme gives talented students an opportunity to combine the last year of their Master’s degree programme with the beginning of a PhD programme.

An integrated PhD programme consists of two parts – part A and B.

Part A is the period from enrolment in the integrated PhD programme to obtaining the Master’s degree. During part A, the student is enrolled a part-time Master’s degree student and part-time as a PhD student.  

Part B is the period from obtaining the Master’s degree and the PhD degree, and the student is full-time PhD student.

Admission requirements

To apply for enrolment in an integrated PhD programme you must:

  • be enrolled in one of the Master’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Health Science
  • have completed your Bachelor’s degree and started your Master’s degree programme without any delays
  • have obtained grades above average
  • have participated independently in creating the PhD protocol and the plans for the programme
  • have documented research experience

Enrolment procedure
If you want to enrol in an integrated PhD programme, you must apply for enrolment through the same application procedure as ordinary PhD students.

Please be aware that the application process takes approximately 3 months, and that your application must be approved and the process completed before you start your last year of Master’s degree programme.

The application for enrolment must include a detailed plan for both parts of the programme.

The plan for part A must cover the period from enrolment in the integrated PhD programme to obtaining the Master’s degree. The plan must therefore include all remaining elements of your Master’s degree programme.

The plan for part B must cover the period from obtaining your Master’s degree and until you finish your PhD programme. The plan must include all remaining elements of the PhD programme.

It is furthermore important to remember to apply for part-time enrolment with your relevant Master programme’s study administration.


To be enrolled in the integrated PhD programme, your financing must be in place.

As a part-time Master’s degree student, integrated PhD students enrolled in part A, can receive SU after the current regulations. Furthermore, for the part-time enrolment in the PhD programme, you can either be employed outside SDU or through a faculty scholarship, which will be paid out as SU PhD-grants. A SU-PhD grant unit is equivalent to a regular SU-grant unit, and it is possible to get two grant units per month, but no more than 48 in total. The grants are paid in advance each month for the first two year.

When having obtained the Master’s degree, part B starts and you must bemployed as a PhD student.

Tuition fee
The tuition fee is 31,250 DKK a year for the first two years and DKK 62,500 a year for part B, being DKK 187,500 in total.

According to the Danish Ministerial Order on PhD education (2013), PhD students can be awarded a double or joint PhD degree, if the PhD student has completed a period of study at a foreign university as part of a mutually obliging collaboration agreement.

The degree can be awarded if the Danish university assesses that the PhD student has acquired qualifications comparable with those acquired under a Danish PhD programme.

Find more information, guidelines and requirements here

At the Faculty of Health Sciences, it is possible to submit a PhD thesis without prior enrolment as long as the author has acquired comparable qualifications elsewhere.

This means that the author must have obtained at least 30 ECTS points in PhD level courses within the last 5 years, reasonable experience with disseminating knowledge, including teaching, and have had good deal of contact with different research environments.

There must also be a University representative (main supervisor) attached to the project.
No later than 2 months before your expected thesis submission, you must submit an Application for submitting a PhD thesis without prior enrolment

The application must contain the following documents:
1. Cover letter
2. Statement from main supervisor/university representative
3. Resume of PhD thesis
4. Co-authorship declarations
5. Applicant’s full CV and copy of relevant certificates (must include Master’s diploma - Danish: Kandidatbevis)
6. Description of the research project/research protocol
7. List of PhD courses (or equivalent)

Based on the information in the application the Graduate School will determine if the author has acquired sufficient comparable qualifications.

If the qualifications are approved the author will receive an e-mail with a link to a pre-submission regarding the appointment of an assessment committee for the PhD thesis.

The process for handing in the PhD thesis will follow the regular process, please see this page

Please note that an evaluation fee of 40,000 DKK must be paid to cover cost in connection with the evaluation and a defense session.


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