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Application process - project approval

Please submit your PhD application via

The application must include:

  • Name, institution affiliation and e-mail address of supervisor(s)
  • A complete project  proposal no more than 6 pages (excl. references) 
  • Your full CV (including publication list) 
  • Statement(s) of acceptance from all supervisors and a short CV from external supervisors
  • Master's diploma (Danish: kandidatgrad) and other relevant diplomas/certificates
  • Documentation of previous research experience (if you do not have any publications in your CV)
  • Name and e-mail addresses of two suggested reviewers (one internal and one external)

All attachments must be in pdf format. Individual attachments must not exceed 10 Mb.

You will receive confirmation that the form has been successfully submitted.

The standard processing time is 6-8 weeks.
You can monitor the progress of your application by logging in to your account on

When the project has been approved, you can apply for enrolment.
A link to the enrolment form is send to you in the approval e-mail. 

Here you can find more information regarding the enrolment process. 

Last Updated 27.08.2021