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Application criteria

Below, you can see the criteria for applying. 

  • Applications can be submitted by supervisors planning a research project with a student

  • The student must be enrolled at a Danish faculty of health, in a study, which allows only a short master's thesis/research project of up to 30 ECTS

  • The supervisor must be an established research leader at a Danish university, hospital or other research institution

  •  It is possible to apply for only one student per application

  •  A supervisor can submit two applications for undergraduate scholarships in a single application round, but it must be for two separate projects, and two different students

  • The research project must be performed full time for a period of minimum 6 months, and the student must in the application declare to do so. I.e., a part-time research project conducted while taking courses or having a job on the side is not applicable for funding

  • It is possible to apply for scholarships of 6 or 12 months duration

It is possible to apply for scholarships of 6 or 12 months duration.
It is not possible to apply retroactively.

Applicants may apply for funding for the following types of expenses:

  • Operating expenses of the project including bench fee1
  • Salary for the student
  • Administrative support

If the student is on leave from their normal studies programme, while conducting the research project, the salary of the student must be DKK 10,000 per month. It must be clearly stated in the application (and the budget) how much of the research project is part of the student’s master programme (if any), and how much is conducted while on leave (if any).

The grant does not cover:

  • commercial activities
  • overhead
  • salary for anyone other than the student

The grants are administrated by each university, and recipients must therefore follow the rules and guidelines from their respective university.

Please note that up to 5% of the scholarship may be used for administrative contribution to the university.


1 Bench fee: Support for individual researchers for the coverage of direct expenses needed to conduct the research project applied for. Bench fees must be specified in the budget, and may only be used for operating expenses, lab consumables, and access to lab space and facilities that cannot be included within another individual budget category. To include a bench fee in the budget, the fee must be part of the general expenses policy of the institute/institution and apply for all employees for which the policy concerns.








Last Updated 08.12.2021