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The length of the thesis

According to the faculty rule set, section 14, the length of a monograph thesis is between 200 and 300 pages of 2,400 characters (including spaces). A compilation (anthology) thesis consists of 3-6 articles and a summary account of (recommended) 30-80 pages. The total length of a compilation thesis (i.e. articles and summary account combined) is between 125 and 250 pages of 2,400 characters (including spaces).

At subsequent meetings the PhD committee has approved the following specifications of what counts towards the length of a thesis:

  • Notes and the summaries in Danish/English, but not the bibliography, are included in the length of the thesis.
  • Images/charts/figures are included in the length of the thesis with a calculated length corresponding to the text that could have been in the places in question (i.e. the length of the textual space taken up by the graphic material).
  • Appendices contain material that is made available to the reader (assessment committee) as an additional service and are therefore not included in the assessment of the thesis. Appendices therefore do not count in page numbers.

A practical guide for calculating the 'textual length' of graphic material is found here.

Last Updated 11.03.2021