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Model for calculating the 'textual length' of images/diagrams/figures included in a PhD thesis

According to the faculty's regulations regarding the permissible length of a PhD thesis, images, diagrams, figures, etc. are included by calculating the number of orthographic characters (including spaces) that could have taken the place of the image etc. in question. Shown below is an easy way to calculate the 'textual length' of non-text elements:

If, for example, an image occupies the space corresponding to 10 lines of text on a page (which can easily be determined by comparing the page with an equivalent page of text in the thesis that does not contain an image), then with the cursor you select 10 lines of text on the same page or a page nearby with the same layout. Then, if you work with a Mac, you go up to the "Tools" tab in Word, select "Word Count" and note "Characters (with spaces)". On a PC you select “View”, click on “Word Count” and note "Characters (with spaces)". This will provide you with the number of characters corresponding to the image to be added to the number of characters of actual text, giving you the total length of the thesis

Last Updated 11.03.2021