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Originality/plagiarism check


With effect from 1 November 2018, PhD students at the PhD School of the Faculty of Humanities will have the option of carrying out a originality/plagiarism check on their PhD theses.

This offer is available to individual PhD students.


The procedure is as follows:


Following notification of the submission of a thesis, the PhD student/principal supervisor will receive an offer to submit the whole text or significant parts thereof for a similarity check. The text should be submitted via the principal supervisor to SDUB


The check will lead to one of the following three conclusions: 

Green  Everything is in order 
 Yellow Issues relating to previously published texts and/or other matters. The thesis should be reviewed and revised accordingly, after which it may be submitted for a new check
 Red Suspicion of plagiarism. A copy of the report will be sent to the Head of the Graduate School. The principal supervisor is obligated to contact the Head of the Graduate School for discussion of the case and any further action

The report will be sent to the principal supervisor within three working days. The principal supervisor will then forward the report to the PhD student for the appropriate follow-up before the thesis is formally submitted.


Please note: An assessment committee which suspects plagiarism may arrange a plagiarism check via the PhD Secretariat.




Last Updated 11.03.2021