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The Doctoral Programme in Literature, Aesthetics and Culture

The Doctoral Programme in Literature, Aesthetics and Culture is the organizational framework for research at the Institute of Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, including research carried out by the externally funded scholars affiliated with the the institute. It is the aim of the programme and its supervisors to contribute to the breadth and the depth of the PhD programme at the Faculty of Humanities and to the further development of a strong research network at the institute. A considerable part of this objective is achieved through collaboration with other graduate schools locally, nationally and internationally.

The programme has the following goals

  • to secure an on-going close collaboration with the supervisors
  • to create a framework for all research carried out by the institute´s scholars in order to continue the improvement of the programme
  • to create a framework that can promote the PhD students´ completion of their research projects
  • to support the PhD students in their efforts to establish themselves as researchers and create a highly visible project
  • to make the institute´s doctoral programme activities visible outside the institute
  • to contribute to a continued development of the supervision provided by the institute
  • to attract and maintain interesting and relevant local, national and international contracts and collaboration, including relations with other gradual schools
  • to attract external funding for the work carried out under the auspices of the doctoral programme 
  • to attract external funding for research scholarships


  • the programme arranges conferences, courses and workshops about topics of interest to the PhD students in the doctoral programme, as well as topics which help promote ILKM´s research-strategic goals
  • the programme supports the PhD students´ initiatives to organise various events
  • the programme keeps the PhD students up-to-date with information about relevant research-related events
  • the programme runs a website which provides relevant information about the programme's objectives, researchers, activities, scholarship possibilities etc

The organisation of The Doctoral Programme in Literature, Aesthetics and Culture

The head of the programme is associate professor, PhD, Charlotte Kroløkke. Secretary Bettina Ibsen is affiliated with the programme.

The Graduate School Faculty of Humanities
  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230

Last Updated 08.06.2021